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Why Crack an Egg?

According to the World Health Organization, roughly 1 in 6 (1.3 billion!) people globally experience infertility.

June is World Infertility Awareness Month. All month long Chasing the Rainbows is starting a fun, friendly challenge to spread awareness, provide more frequent virtual peer daily support groups throughout the day for all, increase the holistic approach for daily resources and actually help the 1 in 6 people living on this emotionally, mentally, physically and financially DRAINING journey. Let’s help people’s dream of becoming a parent a reality!

How to Participate

How to participate is simple. Record on video either cracking an egg on your own head, have someone crack an egg on your head or have a friendly competition with someone to determine who gets the egg on their head.

Start video by saying “I’m cracking an egg on my head for the 1 in 6 living with infertility. I challenge the following six people to join me in cracking infertility awareness open”….say the 6 people’s names, then get cracking.

Friendly competition examples are a coin toss, rock paper scissors, egg toss, egg juggling. egg race, or just getting an egg to your head.

Do it once, multiple times or everyday in June calling out 6 new people…OR donate to support these people on an infertility journey.

The vital steps are to upload the video on all your social media accounts, tagging the six people you challenged on video and using the designated hashtags: #crackaneggchallenge #chasingtherainbows #icrackedinfertilityawarenessopen #crackthesilence #infertilitysupportforall


Add more hashtags:

#infertility #fertilityloss #infertilityawareness #fertilityawareness #infertilitysupport #fertilitysupport #ivf #ivfsupport #ivfawareness #infertilityawarenessmonth #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness #uterineruptureawareness #maleinfertility #maleinfertilityawareness #1in8 #1in6 #wearethe1in6 #weareinfertilitywarriors #infertilityisadisease #wecrackedinfertilityawarenessopen


Through Charitable Contributions, we'll educate the community and bring awareness to the community to normalize this traumatic loss.

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