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They have infertility

Support those going through fertility treatments or living with infertility

How to support a fertility loss survivor

We offer different support services for each survivor to pick what works for them. It's about the survivor having options during the most horrific time to see what will help them most when coping and living after their traumatic loss. For connecting your patient or loved one to support services, please fill out a contact us form below.

Grieving and trauma responses are different for each survivor.

Be gentle, compassionate and an active listener. This goes a long way. One survivor may believe one thing and the next one doesn't. Helping a survivor feel validated, supported and heard is crucial after losing their baby. They now are facing a life without their child. No parent outlives their child - when this happens, it shatters the parents world at any stage or age of the baby. Trying to figure out how to live a life without their child physically here along with grieving and processing their traumatic loss, is extremely difficult when returning to everyday life.

Here are some gentle suggestions on Do's & Don'ts as you are talking to someone on an infertility journey!

If you have any questions, or would like a list of things to do to help a survivor, please fill out our contact us form below.

Infertility Facts & Information that those on this journey may experience.