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Who We Are


Chasing the Rainbows is a 501(c)3 National nonprofit organization that provides free daily support groups, individual mentorships, a weekly 'Cry It Out Loud!' Podcast and resources to individuals, couples and their families who are dealing with birth trauma, fertility loss, pregnancy loss and baby loss. We strive to normalize grieving within communities and to provide a safe space for those who are mourning. Through charitable contributions, we'll educate the community, bring awareness to normalize grieving these traumatic losses and provide daily, free, support services across the United States to survivors.


Daily trauma-informed support services uniting all infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss survivors across the United States.

Who are we?

Read Our Story

"We are here offering daily support services for all survivors to not feel isolated and alone from the moment you lose your baby. Life was overwhelming after we lost our daughter in our arms and had to return to everyday routine. How do you return to life after losing our babies? Grief does not fit into our convenient life schedules.
Let's LIFE TOGETHER fellow survivors!"

Bernice Quesenberry, Founder

We are sorry you are here and need our services. We hope you find the comfort needed to continue our lives after losing your baby, pregnancy and fertility. I started this nonprofit because on March 16, 2021, we suddenly lost our daughter, Brooke, at 5 1/2 weeks old. There was not a peer support group available that met daily or a place to turn to for finding out what resources are out there. We were thrown a lot of information, books, and places to go, but some were not relevant to infant loss, and others, like the trauma informed professionals would not reach back out. I do not want any family or individual to feel they need to grieve in silence or are alone like we did. In my daughter's honor and in all babies lost honor, I will STRIVE to BREAK THE SILENCE and bring us all together who share this common horrific experience.

Our Support Team

Our Awesome Team​

Courtney Meyer

Fundraising Champion

Fiona Lee

Creative Director

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Outreach Advertising Consultant

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Programs Director

What we do?

We connect individuals and families to specific resources, tools and offering daily virtual support groups with alike peers.

Helping Families throughout the United States of America

This organization was made to be virtually accessible to any person needing our services throughout the U.S.A. We are using a virtual platform for our support groups. It makes it easier on the person needing to attend the group and convenience for when they return to work or everyday life.