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Trauma Therapy Program

Warm Hand-off into Professional Individual Therapy Sessions

Extra Support when you need it most

We have developed relationships with professional licensed trauma therapists to provide services to our survivors. We want to eliminate the stress of having to find a professional, call around, accumulate extra bills and waiting longer than a few weeks to be seen.

Trauma Therapist warm hand-off

When survivors are trying to figure out life after our loss, they do not need to be calling around to different therapists. It's tough getting a call back or getting in within 90 days for your first appointment. We have relationships with licensed trauma therapists to avoid wait times, extra bills for survivors and getting them the help when they are asking for it. This program was developed for survivors to get the professional help they need when they need it most. Not receiving call backs, not getting in within a few weeks, being told they do not accept your insurance or are not accepting new clients is UNACCEPTABLE after we experience these traumatic losses. It is ok to not be ok after what we go through when losing our babies - infertility journeys, miscarriage, stillbirth, D&C, and/or infant loss. Let's get the survivors some extra support during this devastating time. Please reach out to us so we can get you connected.

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We are so heartbroken that you are here and either you or a loved one lost a baby. We have a village of survivors behind you that know what you are going through and are here alongside you in your journey. We NEED to LIFE all together!​