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Our "Guiding Light" Mentorship

We need to life together.

You are not alone.

We offer One on One Mentoring which is what we call our 'Guiding Light' Program.

We know the importance of people with similar lived experiences, growing together to not feel isolated and alone growing through tragedy. We are here to life together!

We have trauma informed care volunteers who do daily check-ins with fertility loss, pregnancy loss and baby loss survivors.The journey can be an isolating experience – and it doesn’t have to be that way. This journey is difficult and it is not one that you need to walk alone. You can talk one on one with a trained peer mentor volunteer who has walked a similar path. During this difficult time, you can have a peer to stand with you as you face life….together.

Our peer mentor sessions are done remotely either by call, text, email, etc. to fit your needs. Your volunteer peer mentor will address your concerns, answer your questions, and show you that you are truly not alone.

Please note that our peer mentors are not to be used in replacement of formal professional support. Our peer mentors have been trained to offer peer level support only and do so on a volunteer basis.

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